Why I choose to give people value…

Why I choose to give people value

At the end of everyday and even after each and every interaction with any human being, I often ask myself was I able to bring value to that person? Was I able to make that person's life a little bit better through our interaction?

This is something I have always had ever since I was younger but have not been able to articulate this into words until recently. It stemmed from, my almost ridiculous attention to detail because I was somewhat of a perfectionist. I wanted to give others the absolute best that I could offer. This was absolutely driven by my high standards that I set for myself as I would mentally beat myself up for any little mistake I did. Now that I think about it, as a young kid on the tennis court, each shot that didn’t go as I had expected, or even worse, when it was just a silly mistake, you would probably hear me cursing myself or making some odd disappointed noise.

I have carried this mindset throughout my entire life. Sometimes I think it’s more of a burden because I always think it could be that little bit better. This has somewhat relaxed a touch as I get older because I came to realize that I would never get anything done if I wanted it to be perfect. But I also realize that my ‘perfect’ would be a constantly moving target as I would grow, learn, and improve my knowledge and skills.

Even as I write this I have probably read and reread what I just wrote at least 5 times.

Karma is also one of those things that have been on my mind and it very much ties into this value proposition. It’s so practical yet so underutilized. I choose (not so sure if it’s a choice but something that does come to me intuitively) to give value to others without any expectation in return. Karma is a funny thing because it returns those good deeds in one way or another and when you least expect it.

The value that I’ve been able to provide people in my specific field of prosthetic dentistry has been profound and life changing for me as a person. By restoring a patient’s smile and their ability to eat again would alter that persons life in ways that I had never imagined when I began my career at university.

As an example, I recently met a patient whom had undergone and overcome immense and great adversity in his life. Back in 2009, there were bushfires in Victoria, also known as the Black Saturday Bushfires, which lead to 173 deaths. His wife and children were amongst one of the 173. I cannot begin to imagine how I would react or feel in such a situation. I met him about 4–5 weeks ago but is currently undergoing a tremendous comeback. The restoration of his smile has lead him to regaining his confidence and self esteem. The fact that I was able have a positive impact on this person’s life means the world to me. He has since taken this experience and ordeal and really just wants to give back to those who are of less fortunate circumstances. Something quite notable with each conversation I had with him was just a tremendous amount of gratitude in his life. I would love to share his story in detail via video form someday.

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